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Futuristic technology – The products of home automation

The products can remote control of home electronics anywhere

An air conditioning unit that starts as you are getting close to home. Using face recognition to unlock the front door automatically, lights turning on as you enter the room… such near-futuristic home electronics system have arrived. Various products have been are available now in the fall of 2013. I have searched and organized these electronics by type.


Ikea Hack: How to build floating shelves without fixing them to the wall

How to build floating shelves without fixing to the wall

The GRUNDTAL kitchen series creates a stylish kitchen by hanging a variety of shelf parts that are secured to the wall. Image searching “GRUNDTAL” produces images of the epitome of a stylish kitchen. But, it requires a durable wall for installation. In addition, you may face the problem of not being able to drill holes in a rented space. So, I have tried attaching it with a tension rod to avoid drilling into the wall.