Ikea Hack: How to build floating shelves without fixing them to the wall

How to build floating shelves without fixing to the wall

The GRUNDTAL kitchen series creates a stylish kitchen by hanging a variety of shelf parts that are secured to the wall. Image searching “GRUNDTAL” produces images of the epitome of a stylish kitchen. But, it requires a durable wall for installation. In addition, you may face the problem of not being able to drill holes in a rented space. So, I have tried attaching it with a tension rod to avoid drilling into the wall.


The following is a list of the materials you will need. The boxed products are Ikea. The hardware and stainless steel pipe I purchased by mail order or home center.

Name Specification Quantity
GRUNDTAL Wall shelf – 120 cm – IKEA width: 120cm 1
GRUNDTAL Dish drainer – IKEA Length: 35 cm Width: 26 cm Height: 37 cm 1
GRUNDTAL Shelf – IKEA Width: 25 cm depth: 13 cm Height: 20 cm 2
GRUNDTAL Magnetic knife rack – IKEA Width: 40cm 1
Stainless tension rod 70~110cm Outer diameter1:22mm Outer diameter2:19mm 2
Stainless steel pipe Outer diameter:19mm Length:1210mm 3
Chrome T pipe connector Nominal diameter: 25mm 6
Stain less hose clamp Usage range: 11~25mm 6
Resin Bush Outer diameter: 25mm Inner diameter: 22mm Length: 30mm 6
Resin Bush Outer diameter: 23mm Inner diameter: 20mm Length: 25mm 4
Stainless wire rope Rope diameter:1.5mm 3.0(m)
Stainless saddle band Nominal diameter:20 4
Assemble stainless steel pipe and stainless tension rod

Set to bridge with three stainless steel pipe, between two vertical stainless tension rods. The part of the T-shape is connected by a T pipe connector.
Secure the hose clamp on the lower side so it does not move.

Set to the GRUNDTAL wall shelf to the stainless steel pipe

Attach the GRUNDTAL wall shelf to the stainless steel pipe with the saddle bands.

Attach to between the cupboard and the top plate of the kitchen1 Attach to between the cupboard and the top plate of the kitchen2 Attach to between the cupboard and the top plate of the kitchen3

Attach it by securing the tension rod between the cupboard and the top plate of the kitchen.

Part of the mounting shelf

This is a part of the mounting shelf. You’ll notice that the wall shelf is supported by the stainless steel pipe.

I have used this for about 5 months and the tension rod is stable. But like in the following image, if the T pipe connector can move in the direction of the rod’s rotation, the horizontal stainless steel pipe will move and the wall shelf will lean to the front, so be careful.

Should prevent the move of shelf

3d data of Grundtal shelf is here.

Details of the joint portion of the T-shaped connector

Details of the joint portion of the T-shaped

The inner diameter of the T pipe connector is 25mm, the outer diameter of the stainless steel pipe is 19mm, the tension rod is 22mm, so I tried to adjust these gaps caused by the pipe (Bush) using resin. Pass a wire into the stainless steel pipe horizontally, and hook the wire to the tension rod to fix it horizontally. (So that it doesn’t come out of the steel pipe.)

How to attach wire to tension rod1 How to attach wire to tension rod1

First, secure it with the wire as in the picture on the left. Adjust the length of the wire to the length of stainless steel pipe. Pass the wire through the stainless steel pipe. Then make a hoop, insert the stainless steel pipe into T pipe connector, and pass the stainless tension rod through this hoop in the T pipe connector, like the picture on the right.



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