Comfortable combination of bed and mattress even in summer

Comfortable combination of bed and mattress

Bedding is important item to good sleeping. A great number of items are on sale. I try a comfortable combination of bed and mattress even in the summer.

The right image is a section of the bed. The top layer is the mattress pad, next is the mattress and slatted bed frame.

This mattress name is “Breath Air” (found in Japan). It has a structure of knitted plastic tubing, so it is hard to deform, has high resistance, etc. And obviously, it has very high breathability.

Section of bed
Slatted bed frame

I made the bed-frame myself, but you can capitalize on the maximum breathability by using a slatted bed frame.

I have found that when my weight is concentrated at one point I can feel the angle of the slats, but when laying down the weight dispersion is enough so that I won’t. The breathability is good, another good thing is that all the materials can be washed. It is even more comfortable if you can create air circulation under your bed with a fan. You should try in combination with your bedding.

P.S. If you want to buy a bed to match this mattress type (knitted plastic tube), you should not purchase a bendable slated frame. I rebuilt the bed-frame for this reason…

3d data of this bed frame is in the following link.

To more comfortable by produce the wind by circulator

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Aubrey Madrona

I am more particular in the types of bed and mattresses when it talks about comfort. I don’t want to wake-up with my back aching nor muscle pain. Having a good night sleep will definitely affect my activity the whole day.


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