How to organize Evernote the easy way using notebooks

How to organize evernote with simple way by using notebook

Even if you have used Evernote for a long time, you’ve probably faced the problem where you can’t decide which note should be in which notebook. Maybe you want to easily change the notebook category in accordance with your lifestyle. Here is an easy Evernote notebooks rule to keep your notes well organized.

Basic rules of notebook and tags

  • Only one note per notebook.
  • Each note can have more than one tag.
Folder(Notebook) and Tag

This is also a general rule in computing data. For example, .jpeg data is attached like a tag, so you can think of tags in Evernote working the same way (.family, .work etc.).

How to categorize notebooks.

If you make a new notebook you should create it so that the notes will be thrown in without hesitation.

For example, let’s say that you have the photos from a job event with your family. If you make “work” and “family” notebooks, classification is harder. Instead, create a notebook where notes are organized by a specific category like “Events2013” or “Photos”. Within the notebook, organize photographs from different events with tags such as “job” or family”.

Organizing tasks

Notebooks can also be used to organize tasks or lists. You can organize a list of places you would like to go and, once you’ve been, move them from a “Places to Go” folder to a “Places I’ve Been” folder.

The specific method

Notebook automatically organizes folders numerically, alphabetically and by symbol.

Using this, you can easily organize your files into a hierarchical structure making them easy to find. You can organize notes by importance or chronological order by starting the file name with a low number or letter in the alphabet.

This way, you aren’t scrolling to search for your note on “Places”; it’s right at the beginning. Begin your most important (or earliest) note with the lowest number possible. For example:

     00Want to Go Today
     01Want to Go
     03Want to Go again

You can then treat this flow as a Wish List or Life Log for a variety of things such as books, movies, music. I will introduce a tips for Tags in the next article.


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