How to organize Evernote the easy way using tags

How to organize Evernote the easy way using tags

Previous article is about organizing by using a notebook. I will introduce the tips how to use tags in this article.

There is one way that define tag that has specific feature in addition to normal tagging.

Giving to the meaning to the tag by attaching symbol

  • Place, Context (Note:Geotag is more convenient when more specific location)
    @New York
  • Action, State
    * To do later
    * TBC
  • Large category

Rating tag


You can look instantly their favorites if you put the your evaluation to anything like that spot, bought things, books, and movies. For example you can see a note of “restaurant” for close order as from where you are now and note also have “★4” and “★5 ” if the note is tagged correctly.

Chronological tag


Classification by tagging is a nice feature of such simply because it is a computer. So let’s continue to use tagging more and more to organize the data!


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