Home cooking of “Washoku”(Japanese cuisine) can be make with three seasonings

Home cooking of

“Washoku” traditional Japanese cuisine was added to Intangible Cultural Heritage list in Dec. 4. Washoku is healthy and it has good nutritional balance. Is it difficult to cook Japanese home cuisine yourself? No. I will introduce a simple method of Japanese cuisine seasoning.

You can cook by using only three seasonings. These are “Soy sauce(thick flavor version)“, “Mirin“, and Sugar. Mirin is like a sweet sake. It’s tastes like melted honey brandy. And “Dashi“(broth) will be needed when cooking stew or simmered food.

About “Dashi” (Japanese soup stock)

Dashi can be cooked by simmer a foodstuff. Dashi has several variations. This is a List. (Tips:Simmer short time with low heat as not boiling)

Quantity per 500ml How to cooking
Konbu (Dried Kelp) 5g Stop boiling when the bubble starts off.
Katsuo-bushi (Dried bonito shavings) 10g Boiling 1 minutes with low heat
Dried-shiitake (Dried mushrooms) 10g Rehydrates by water over 1 night (this water becomes dashi without heat) or Boiling 5 minutes with low heat
Niboshi (Dried small sardines) 10g Remove the guts and the head from a fish and Boiling 10 minutes with low heat

Fortunately, like a bouillon cube type have been released.

Following lists is summary of seasoning ratio

Soy sauce(thick flavor version) Mirin Sugar/th> Percentage of seasonings and Dashi Example of a recipe or foodstuff (see also following pictures)
Strong taste simmered food 1 1 1 1:2 Meat(Pork) and potato stew, simmered fish
Light taste simmered food 2 2 1 1:4~5 White radish
“Teriyaki” 1~2 1 1 Chicken
Meat(Pork) and potato stew, simmered fish Simmered White radish Teriyaki chicken

When cooking simmered food, please use Dashi and put seasonings at the beginning. (You might want to little by little with checking)


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