Type of Bag Organizer that can organize your bag

Type of

Belongings that you should carry is so many such as documents, camera, smartphone, battery, cables and cosmetics. Things that in the bag of modern people will increasing more and more. Let’s carry on as smart by organize your bag with “bag-in- bag”.

Plate Type

These type has band or pocket is attached to the board. Gadgets and cables will fit in neatly. This is good for business bag.

Less than B5 (Exec) size

This is good when you want to gather only cable or when you want small size.

Bag in Bag (Plate Type) less than B5 (Exec) size

About A4 (LTR) size

Product of 35cmx25cm size is often. I think this size apposite best to put it in a business bag.

Bag in Bag (Plate Type) about A4 (LTR) size

More than B4 (LGL) size

Product of 38cmx28cm size is often. This is a subtle if whether or not a bag can be enter in business bag.

Bag in Bag (Plate Type) more than B4 (LGL) size

Cage Type

For female, this may seem easy to match to bag better you already have. It is easy to fit even in a small bag .

Bag in Bag

Notebook PC, tablet corresponding type

These are similar to the board type but it can be contain also a notebook PC. PC bag normal even is good, but they can be more useful when you want to carry a notebook PC in a such as a leather briefcase .

About 9 inch

This is the size fit to such as Nexus 7 and ipad mini.

Bag in Bag (For notebook tablet PC) about 9 inch

About 10 inch

This is the size that is most suitable to ipad.

Bag in Bag (For notebook tablet PC) about 10 inch

About 13 inch

Those have about 35cmx25cm outside dimensions so you can put away the notebook PC up to 13 inches. Whether or not fit is depending on the each product. So should be check whether or not enter in the bag with also considering thickness.

Bag in Bag (For notebook tablet PC) about 13 inch

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