How to make your own drafting table (simply)


This desk is introduced the article “DIY of PC desk that can desk work on recliner chairs“.I will introduce how to make diy the adjustable table (drafting table) using architectural hardware.

Materials before build

These are the basic materials. The top of the table is laminated ash wood with a thickness of 20mm, the square timber frame is white wood with a brushed urethane varnish finish on oil stain.

Build of top table and frame

Build the base without the top table.

Install the top table by hinge

Install the top table to the square timber frame with a hinge. It was little trouble to fix the angle. I found other architectural hardware that could be diverted shown in the images below.

Stainless steel flat bar stay

This is a stay to be attached to a door, such as a cupboard.

Hardware that used suspending piping

This is hardware used to fix pipes, purchased at a nearby hardware store.

Install the hardware for adjust angle

As in the above image, I built it so that the table can be fixed into place with bolt. The range of motion is last-minute, but I was able to assemble it somehow.

3d data of Drafting table is here.




Thank you for your comments. I think that this will many cost for make and send this desk to US from Japan. It’s not complicated mechanism, so I think you can DIY or order to neighbor furniture craftsman. If you want get the hardware that the stay and the nut, I might be able to send these parts. If you want PC Desk with Zero gravity chair, these are several manufacturers is in US.

Brian Brock

I am thinking of replicating your design. I think you did an amazing job. What are the dimensions of the drafting table and PC shelf? Thanks!




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