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There are more and more of “Wearable” items, new gadget to wear, such as Google Glass and Apple watch. The mainstream trend is the Health care. With its advantage that it’s wearable, a number of items of Health management & Fitness category has been developed. We have collected current items and items under development by type.


Fitness Tracker

These are the wearable items with acceleration sensor that record the amount of exercise. Speaking in general terms, it’s the evolved version of pedometer. It will calculate burned up calories based on the amount of move calculated with acceleration sensor. There are items that could observe your move while you’re sleeping and have the function to record your sleep and to ring an alarm while your sleep is shallow.

Heartrate Monitor

In order to realize effective aerobic exercise, it is necessary to do your exercise in the particular range of pulse rate.

Other development of gadgets

  • Healbe GoBe: The Only Way to Automatically Measure Calorie Intake
    These are the high-tech devises that calculates calorie intake by skin cell’s glucose level. It also has activity amount meter so it can measure both intake and burned out calories, which is perfect for Diet (weight control.) Though its accuracy is unclear, we look forward to its development.
  • AIRO
    This one also can measure calorie intake but it uses a system to measure blood nutrients by giving light.
  • Wello by Azoi Inc.
    This is an iPhone case that can measure pulse, body temperature, amount of oxygen in the blood, blood pressure and cardiac electrogram by just holding it with both hands. It is compatible with Android.
  • Scanadu
    This is the gadget that measures body temperature, pulse, amount of oxygen in the blood, respiration, blood pressure and cardiac electrogram by putting it to your forehead for 10 seconds.

It is amazing that these devises can measure various body index just by touching them. Though many are in development phase and their utilities are unclear, the day we can record our body status with just one wrist gadget might not be so far.


Measuring devises that make daily measurement dramatically easy

Especially when you are improving physical constitution, fasting or doing diet, you can realize the effect by looking index. By automating it, recording will be easier and more fun.


Getting on the scale and writing down the record everyday doesn’t last long… Body composition meter will automatically record your data so all you have to do is to get on the scale (you might need to touch your smart phone in some cases)!


Maybe a lot of women know their basal body temperature, but it is also useful for men to have record in order to rise temperature. Low temperature means body metabolism and immunity is low so let’s rise temperature by muscle training. This is also bothersome to record everyday, so thermometer that records automatically is convenient.

Blood Pressure Monitor

If you can measure blood pressure regularly at home in addition to the measurement in hospital, it will contribute to sickness prevention and cure.


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